Friday, 23 December 2011

Shaman colors

Hey guys wanna see something really cool and makes you look cool when it's your turn to be shaman ?

Well , Some mice knows that , And some not. you can change your shaman color to any color you want !! :D

Note : To change your shaman color you must at least save 1000 mice , it's 2 hard

Transformice allows you to choose your own shaman color. This tool lets you easily pick that color and preview how it looks on your shaman ,
First step : Choose a color

Second step : copy this color code

Third step : Paste it into Transformice

Goodbye , i hope you like it , And don't forget to vote on the poll :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Much Better Drawing!

Hello mice! Another post! I just wanted to show you all my new, BEST AND BETTER drawing!
I finally got the hang of this.. I practised over 17 times.. and then decided to draw my best one..
But i stopped and had a think. Should i draw some items? I tried and failed quite alot of times..

But i somehow managed to make the lines neat, colour it in, shade it in and Da ta!
Perfect picture!

So i hope you guys like it!
Dont forget to check out my DeviantArt account for more pictures/photo's!

Map 800

Hey there guys , As you see in this picture map 800 .

Well , in this map everyone is shaman you will have a beard and santa hat.

Your goal is : Kill every shaman in the map to take the cheese and run away to the hole.

Sounds fun , but it's hard because everyone will work hard to win , Good luck :)

Hey guys!

Hi there guys!

As you see , i'm a new author :) My name is Gourge , And i'm 13 years old , and i love TFM = Transformice XD
So i hope i be a good author to you guys :D

Merry Christmas

Changing Font

Hello mice! I wanna show something really cool and handy!

See dat bubble there? You should have it next to the type bar where u chat.
And if you click it. A page like this should show up

Now here you can change the chat font and size!
Have fun and Merry Christmas!

christmas items

For the people who havn't got all the items, and want to see them, i can now show u since i collected them all.
And another small notice. You can also collect last years items which are also pretty kewl!
Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My new drawing

Hello mice! This is a short post about my lil picture i drew ^^
This pic took 2 hours to draw, since its mah first time drawing a mouse
It was also kindaaaa easy.. and kindaa hard.. i struggled with the head. -.-

But on the otherhand, this was rlly fun to draw ^^ So hope you guys like it!