Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Event

Hello Mice! As you see, this is a new blog, and i would like to talk a bit more about the Christmas Event since i heard alot of you are confused.

Around Transformice, you have probabbly already seen Mistletoes and Presents on certain maps.
From presents, you could get 1 more extra cheese OR a christmas event item.
Mistletoes will give you hearts which give you Titles. If you look at the bottom right, it shall show you how many hearts you've got.

To get things from presents, you will need to stand ON it, then click it and you could get and item.
This is almost similar to the Mistletoe. You will need to touch (stand) on it for a while until you will get a heart. As i said, hearts could give you good rare titles.

1 heart- 'Little Snowflake'
5 hearts- 'Christmas Spirit'
15 hearts- 'Little Pixie'
30 hearts- 'Santa Claus'
45 hearts- 'Cookies'
60 hearts- 'Christmas Cake'
85 hearts- 'Whitebeard'
100 hearts- 'Generous'
120 hearts- 'Snowy'
200 hearts- 'Snowstorm'

That is all for now about the items, moving on to the maps...
There is a christmas map '888' where everyone is sham, and u dont do that much but everyone will have a santa hat and a beard.

And sometimes, in rooms, it could start snowing, and you could throw snowballs at eachother by pressing the Down arrow key.
Have fun! And dont forget to vote on the christmas poll below!

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