Music Codes

If your looking for some music codes for your tribe house's, you came to the right place!
Here you could find all sorts of music codes! (They have all been tested and DO work)

If you dont know where to go to add music, in some tribe house's, there will be a radio. If you click the radio it will come up with an adress bar where you will add the link of the song below
But, it depends on what rank you are.

Feel free to add song requestsin the comment section below!

Pika Nyan-

Nyan cat-

Caramelldansen (SLOW)-

Caramelldansen (FAST)-

All i want for Christmas is you-

Jingle Bells-



In the End-

What i've done-

New Divide-


I dont care-


Bad boy-

Can't stop the rain-

Everytime we touch-



I can walk on water i can fly-

Now your gone-

All i ever wanted-

Final countdown-

Nom nom-

I got no iphone-

Fuzzy fuzzy cute cute-

Last train to awesome town-

The Lazy Song-